Zhengyuan Chemical water purification pharmaceutical complex

Zhengyuan Chemical provides inorganic coagulants, organic flocculants, carbon sources, other water treatment agents and other complete solutions


Henan Zhengyuan Chemical Co., LTD., founded in 2015, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales of water purification reagents. Company headquarters is located in the Central Plains Green City - Zhengzhou City, the factory is located in the cradle of Heluo culture - Gongyi City. Over the years has been adhering to the effective use of every drop of water, product quality first, customer demand first development concept, constantly expand the market, the products are widely used in tap water, steel, printing and dyeing, sand washing, coal washing, chemical industry, paper making, urban sewage treatment and other industries...

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The polyaluminum chloride can solve the problem of excessive organic matter in pond aquaculture water

Polyaluminum chloride has a wide range of uses, in the treatment of sewage it can play a purifying water treatment, but also bactericidal, deodorizing effect, especially used in aquaculture ...

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